Guide To Bizarre Behavior Vol. 3

by Guide To Bizarre Behavior

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released February 29, 2016

Brian Patrick Bromberg- Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Suzy Creamcheese- Electronics, Coron, Guitars
Ray Bong- Coron, Sax, Noises, Glock,




ShanGORIL La Records Singapore

GTBB 4 is a superb creation, twisted and surreal, that demands your attention. It pushes past the bounds of genre, occupying its own kaleidoscopic realm. In this fourth volume, you are sure to be spellbound by subjects such as doping in sport, eco-terrorism, currency, pollen production habits in bees, and narcissism in Joshua Tree, CA. Listening to this record will nourish your soul. Go for it! ... more

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Track Name: Transforming Animals
Transforming Animals

If you must believe in something
Believe in animals that
transform in to animals
see Connie Francis:

Circa 1958: She’s a fox
See Connie Francis circa 1991:
She’s a dog.

Let me make something clear
it does not compute

The art of her crime
never ceases to amaze me.
Never pee on me in anger.

The boat in the box, will float in the box
until the water level gets too low.
The cuc in the Pims will ooze it’s juice
until the level of the gin within gets thin.

Put on your shroud and don’t forget how
To pray over buried boxes of money
Buried by the berry bushes in the backyard
that’s where you’ll find the comprehensive guide.

The bottom of the cup gets squat
Squised squashed out,
Lemon flavoured sweat sweet
school girl pout.

Songs about fabric and blood.
failure to comply.

Oozing 16 ounce’r emotes
fell asleep on the roof and rolled,
measuring the proper distribution of weight.
Meditate on the coils of heat
Track Name: Dinaldi Chamber
Dinaldi Chamber

He’s almost human
Shakes up our tree
What wonderful skin he has
What wonderful pedigree
Quite primitive skull and teeth

When he tried to back out of history
He shook off religion in the back seat.

Underground astronaut
The truth is in the chamber Dinaldi.

He swam with fish and dug with the moles
He’s mostly calcified.
Nictitating membrane
Cordoned off for once being alive

The pain that he feels when he’s unearthed by
The shovels and picks is gripping in its intensity
Track Name: Throwing My Arms Around Yucca Valley
Throwing My Arms Around Yucca Valley

The day the Christians took over the radio,
another notch in Yucca’s belt.
They cinch in there waistline
and pray for an endorphin rush.

The jars hanging in the trees are clanking.

I’m just not myself
I’m somebody else these days
We’re eating sea urchin’s bodies to alleviate our spirits malaise.

Semi-psychotic man in a jump suit,
Semi-erotic woman bent over a dumpster.
Both are looking for something nice to say.
The cops came looking around here the same time yesterday.

We pass the time at thrift stores and bookshops.
We build our wind-chimes out of jars.

With your stupid cars and fetid road,
I wish they would all finally implode.

At Auto-Zone,
You cannot save us from our lethargy.
I wish you could be a corner store.
Track Name: Happy Evolution
Happy Evolution

No such thing as happy evolution
take it easy like a Monday puzzle.
Disregard everything I said before
(before) I was in a daze.

This is the start to counter culture revolution
take a number and wait patiently.
And so they would have you believe,
that they’re pumping away.
The suits are pump pump pumping away
(on the mini-skirts)

Stand on my good side,
I accidentally shaved too high!

No such thing as happy evolution.
Track Name: Tellers/Virtual Girlfriend
There are tellers at the bank
tellers at the post office.
There are baggers at the market
at the dentist there’s receptionists.

Beatrice watches the desk’s for the insects
She is a ladybug.

There are clerks behind bulletproof glass
in bodegas and banks, and the welfare office.
Anywhere the urge for the goods or robbery
or where it is planned by the management that the customer
will likely be pissed off enough to want to shoot the clerk.

There are agents at the airport
consierge in the hotel
Bosun’s on the ship, in the restaurant there’s the busboy’s omni-bus.

Who shines the shoeboy’s boots?
Is it shoeshiner’s protégé?

The barriers may be for our safety
if the clerk decides to flip out,
keep them in there aquarium.
Feed them Tornadoes at the gas station,
Mars Bars in the toll booth’s
At the emergency room give them orange juice.

Don’t be afraid.
Don’t be shy.
They’re helpers of earth.

Virtual Girlfriend

Virtual Girlfriend
She’s virtually flawless
potentially the only that’s wrong with her
is… she’s headless.

My virtual girlfriend
her neck is a funnel I pour down the liquids
and fold up the spinach.

My practical plaything
likes vitreous gurgles,
daffodil planters and talking with squirrels

She sniffs through the air with her fingertips
kneading dough is so stifling,
but she never sneezes and she never cries.

We put a little flap over her neck hole
to keep out the congregating flies, (and buzzards).

Eating a beefheart under the sun
There’s nothing more that I could have done.

My simulated lover likes digesting her palaver
with regurgitated lather in mason jars.

She listens with her navel
while she holds her belly up to hear.
She might look kind of funny when she’s listening for deer.

She knocks the arrows from her quiver,
so much more effective with eyes on her knees.
She can see in two directions when she’s in persuit.
They’re scared to death of her,
so she doesn’t even shoot (or let rather).

You should see her try to ride her motorbike.
Track Name: Pilot Fish
Pilot Fish

Are you still grey?
Does your hair still sleep all day?
On your back, and in your mouth because you’re made of it.
When we harvest your pelt
we’re going to turn you inside out
into Velcro and felt

You can’t like living in the cabinets
and the drawers all the time
you little Satanist.

IF there were giants they’d take care of us
and feed us, in our tanks of dust.
They would keep the temperature warm enough

Were more like lamprey than ants to the giants
Your body may look like a deformed squash
Don’t penalize me for thinking these thoughts;
real smart business plans. They call themselves:
Premier Innovations!

I saw a fellow do that once in a music hall
He saved a girl with his wide-awake hat.
He fought skirmishes with Satan Aborigine.
Nadia Comaneci you bring us victory

Misanthropic Mary don’t be such a downer,
always with your wet wet fabric.

As you wish, pilot fish.