Guide To Bizarre Behavior 2

by Guide To Bizarre Behavior

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Recorded in Yucca Valley, CA and New Orleans, LA.


released October 17, 2015

Performers on this recording are:
Brian Bromberg, Suzy Creamcheese, Ray Bong

Art by: S. McNeal




ShanGORIL La Records Singapore

GTBB 4 is a superb creation, twisted and surreal, that demands your attention. It pushes past the bounds of genre, occupying its own kaleidoscopic realm. In this fourth volume, you are sure to be spellbound by subjects such as doping in sport, eco-terrorism, currency, pollen production habits in bees, and narcissism in Joshua Tree, CA. Listening to this record will nourish your soul. Go for it! ... more

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Track Name: Rabbit Ear Sketch
We packed it in salt
left it over night
to pass the time we snapped sticks
Morrissey was drinking
dram after dram
prattling on about his sinister dreams

Don’t mop my driveway
don’t comb my hair,
take educated guesses as to where we found this ear

Your thick stumpy legs
how many of you are there?
You can rake the landscape
and I’ll collect the dead things
If you want to pull out all of the weeds
you can be my guest because I can guarantee

We won’t confuse the pipes
no we won’t confuse them,
You’ll buy the chips and I’ll buy the grog

Mr. Tokyo, Mr. Squirrel
I know you’d like to play with the rabbit

Your thin veiny ear
survived the flies, the moths, the weevils, and time
When I picked you up, I thought you were afoot
but nothing appears to be awry.

Don’t get me wrong I know it was an omen
to find you up on Joshua Lane

Airplane bottles of airplane gin, Fireball, and scotch
packed nice and tight, into the soil,
a greedy fossil find

Where are your homemade chinos where’s your flannel shirt?
Where’s your believers’ haircut, did you leave them at work?

Mr. Tokyo, Mr. Squirrel
I know you’d like to play with the rabbit.
Track Name: Gasping For Air
I must’ve been the greatest
pseudonym created
paving the forest floor

collecting the acorns
planting the cement trees

every sea will be the Salton
tilapia is the only species

What if the sea was filled with pepper instead

When I woke up December 8th
every person turned into a cat

every dog had turned into a fish
they all flopped around on my
new cement floor
gasping for air, flapping their fins

Until there was nothing.
Track Name: Justin Timberlak
“Do you want to live on the bus?
Like the bus people?
Do you want to live in space?
I can take you there.”

“Do you want to eat caviar
Every night, and in the mornings
on your toast?”

I’ll grow a mustache
and get a cure for the clap

Sagittarius tarantulas
Get me a tissue
I’m beginning to drip.
One more beer, and everything starts to loosen up.

“Justin Timberlake is my butler!”

Money-shot Marty
Always got around
Money-shot Marty
Never let cold cuts keep him down

He loved to spread ‘em and slather ‘em
juice and goose ‘em, wrap ‘em, and slap ‘em,
butter ‘em, and nutter in ‘em

Money-shot Marty
Always down to party
Track Name: Kashmir Buttercup
Deep-fried teddy bear
Buttercup snowflake
Cream sauce in her hair
Putting on her face
Raspberry Allegheny
Robin daydream
Kashmir buttercup
Track Name: Brian Gumble
These are the people who like American Idol.
These are the people who like American Cheese.
They drink reisling and gamble occasionally,
They’ve met Brian Gumble and don’t eat steak (hardly ever).
If they smoked (but they don’t),
they’d smoke Timeless Time

Are they Canadiens?
Are they Korean?
Can we pay them off?

These are the people who believe everything they hear.
They like incessant insest, with incidental music,
Meredith Brooks, and Anne Murray duets,
orange cloaks and pony tails,
unnaturally large triceps hang off the bone like ptotic loafers

I don’t see the difference between
chlorophyll and daydreams (I must be a plant),
Cosmic cancer catastrophe,
Walgreens sponsored palm tree, iso-holiday

Imploring messages of inspiration!
Colour coded idiot mobile
Human misprint, misinformation,
miscreant treasure chest

Isinglass oven covering
1 cream, 2 cream, 3 cream 4
“I’m gonna stop telling you anything (that matters)”
Give into the cinema, stop fighting strip malls,
Start believing everything you hear.
Stop reading books, start reading blogs, connect your brain, disconnect your mind,
exercise your thumbs
Back the war on science
Take your digital drugs
Subscribe to a view on the president, pretend you care!

These are the robots who like video games.
These are the people who rake their lawn.
Their bodies are expanding, capacity for knowledge dwindling.

Are they Syrians?
Are they Jamaicans?
Track Name: Aura Of Diamonds
Do your paintings twinkle like Thomas Kinkade’s?
Farewell Globe readers, we aren’t your friends
sittin’ by the fake fire heater, I subscribed to the trend.
Outrageous claims by certified doctors
calculated deals worth millions of dollars.
Mortified starlets despise the divinity,
bitter battle over a corpse.

Do you think you’d like to be a part of it?
Maybe for a day?

Lonely recluse went down swingin’,
Mickey Rooney died flat broke.
Three scarce coins you could own em’
Heartbreak, horror, miracle jokes!
Constantly scrutinized,
money to burn, state of the art
designer drugs!

Who’s on the runner-up death list?
I don’t see my name yet

Send us the money, we’ll send you the cure
Whatever ails you, this’ll work for sure
Pick up a paper, pick up a pen
There are those who’ve forgotten and those who haven’t
They’re all evil swindling men
Cheating justice, eating liquid collagen
becoming negative ten greedy creeps guaranteed!

Jealous fury, open your wallet,
forget about the forecast, this is the new snow!
laboratory raindrop dazzle,
polar vortex, the aura of diamonds!